Here's The Message We're Proclaiming

(Tune: Hold The Fort #409 85.85D)


Love beyond our comprehending,

Grace so rich and free -

God, our Father, chose a people

From eternity!

In the cov'nant of God's mercy,

Christ, our Surety, stood,

And agreed to make atonement

By His precious blood.


In the time of God's appointing,

Jesus came to die:

As the Substitute for sinners,

Christ was crucified.

All the sins of God's elect ones

Were on Jesus laid;

And all that God's law demanded,

Christ has fully paid.


Here's the message we're proclaiming

"Christ can never fail!

Jesus' blood and intercession

Must with God prevail!

All for whom our Savior suffered

Must in glory stand;

Nothing's left to be accomplished

By the sinner's hand."


Are you called by grace to trust Him?

Do you now believe?

If you do believe in Jesus,

You'll forever live,

You are one of God's elect ones,

You are justified!

Life and faith for you were purchased

When Christ Jesus died.

Don Fortner