Don Fortner


What shall I cry?" the preacher said,

What shall I proclaim to men?

What will strip the haughty sinner,

And expose his inward sin?

What will comfort the sad mourner,

And give peace that will abide?

Here's the message, go proclaim it:

"Jesus, Jesus crucified!"


Sinner, be not proud but humble,

We are worthless, worthless grass:

All those works we thought so noble,

They are flowers of the grass:

Failing, fading, soon they wither,

As the flowers of the field.

Judgement comes, and all will perish,

Who upon their own works build.


Yet there's hope for helpless sinners-

Look, "Behold your God," and live!

God incarnate died for sinners;

Trust Him, and your soul shall live!

Christ ascended up to heaven,

And sent down the Holy Ghost:

He is able, He is able,

To save to the uttermost.


And for all who trust our Savior,

Still the message is the same:

Look to Jesus, look to Jesus,

Find all comfort in His name.

He is greater that your troubles,

He's the great, almighty God:

Trust Him, He will not forget you,

He has bought you by His blood.


(Tune: Love Divine)

87.87 Double