Here We Began. Here We Must Stay.    

Don Fortner

(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind That Blows  #355    LM)

Our Father, guide Your children's feet.

Savior, protect Your silly sheep.

Protect Your ransomed, blood-bought flock.

Be to our souls a shelt'ring rock.


Protect us from a world of sin,

From foes without and worse within.

Protect us from the fiends of hell;

But, most, protect us from ourselves!


Break all our pride and vain conceit,

Lord, lay us low before your feet.

Make us our wretched vileness know;

Humble our hearts and lay us low.


Here we began. Here we must stay,

If we would walk the narrow way.

Sinners, by nature, all undone,

Our only hope is in God's Son


But what a blessed hope this is -

Christ is the Lord our Righteousness.

Washed in his sin-atoning blood,

We stand perfect before our God!