Here, O My Soul, Unshaken Dwell Don Fortner

(Tune: #77—Sun of My Soul--LM)


1.    Because I live,” my Savior says,

You, too, shall live.” So, I’m secure.

His Word this blest foundation gives—

Immutable, forever sure!


2.    Here, O my soul, unshaken dwell,

Though vexed by sin, God’s promise stands—

Not all the p’wers of earth and hell

Can tear me from my Savior’s hands!


3.    I’m one with Christ! Whate’er oppose,

Still, I am His and He is mine!

Not sin, nor hell, nor all my foes

Can make His love for me decline!


4.    O let me never doubt You, Lord!

Faith must upon Your Word rely—

Immutable, eternal Word!

The Word that built both earth and sky!


5.    Dead to the law and sin I am,

With Christ Who bought me with His blood,

And risen with the risen Lamb,

My life is hid with Him in God!




Don Fortner



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