Heíll Not Let Me Go!†††††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: Majestic Sweetness #52CM)


Ashamed I am because my heart

††† Is filled with doubts and fears.

††† But God is greater than my heart

††† And all my sinful fears!



Immutable, His will remains,

††† No matter what my state!

††† Godís love and grace can never change –

††† His work Heíll not abate!



Did Christ upon my soul once shine,

††† In matchless love and grace?

††† Then He forever still is mine,

††† And I shall see His face!



My soul through many changes goes;

††† But I am yet assured -

††† His love no variation knows,

††† Therefore I am secure!



My soul into Christís arms I cast,

††† Midst all my fear and woe,

††† Assured I shall be saved at last,

††† For Heíll not let me go!