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“He is Precious” Don Fortner

(Tune: #223 — Arise, My Soul, Arise! —66.66.88)


1.    Proclaim your Savior’s name

And show His matchless worth,

Make known His saving fame,

`Til His praise fills the earth! —

Let ransomed souls proclaim His name,

Until our Savior comes again!


2.    His person, grace, and might,

His offices, and love,

All sources of delight,

To ransomed souls above.

In their glad songs I’ll bear a part,

For Christ is precious to my heart.


3.    My Brother, Surety, Friend,

My Prophet, Priest, and King,

Faith’s Author, Object, End,

To Christ alone I cling. —

His precious blood redeemed my soul;

He found me maimed and made me whole!


4.    In comfort and distress,

In pleasantness and gall,

Jesus alone can bless,

For He is All in all.

In life and death, by faith we sing

That “He is precious” — Christ our King!







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