Hail! King of Kings, Eternal God! — Don Fortner

(Tune: #43 — All Hail the Power — CM)


1.    Hail! King of kings, eternal God,

Monarch of earth and heavÕn!

The kingdom purchased by Your blood,

Into Your hand is givÕn.


2.    Hail! Prince of Peace! Your sovÕreign grace

Shall rule with peaceful sway,

While all Your chosen (Saved by grace!),

With joy Your will obey.


3.    Your laws are just, Your statutes pure,

No crown with Yours can vie.

Your throne forever shall endure,

Your subjects never die!


4.    Jesus, my King, to You I bow,

Oh, rule this heart of mine!

Lay every rebel passion low,

And make me wholly Thine!









Don Fortner



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