Don Fortner


(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say #225 CMD)


The sun, and moon, and stars shall all

In darkness fade away,

Mountains and hills shall cease to be,

Creation must decay.

But God His covenant shall fulfill,

His purpose must be done,

His word forever shall endure,

His truth must be performed.


We may with confidence rely

Upon our sovereign Lord;

His faithfulness shall never fail:

Just take Him at His word.

We must through raging rivers pass

And storms of sorrow too,

But Christ will hold us in His hand

And lead us safely through. </P>


Christ Jesus, Who once died for us,

Now sits upon His throne;

His power, wisdom, love, and grace

He's proved by all He's done.

How can we question our great God,

Or doubt His promised grace?

Lord, unbelief drive from our hearts,

And make us know Your peace.