Don Fortner


"The soul that sins, it shall die!"

Word from God, Who cannot lie.

Justice cried against my soul,

Law required eternal woe!

Terrors from God's law that fell,

Crushed my heart with thoughts of hell.

Righteousness I cannot give,

Less than that God won't receive.

How can I be just with God?

Can He save and yet be God?

Can He pardon all my sin?

Can He cleanse my heart within?


Yes, oh blessed word of grace,

Christ brings hope to Adam's race

He obeyed the law of God,

And poured out His life in blood:

God in justice looks on Him

And forgives His people's sin.


Jesus died for sinner's sake;

Now, as such, my place I take:

Trusting Him, I cannot die,

God has sworn, and cannot lie:

By Your cross, O Christ, the Lamb,

Free from sin and guilt I am.


Christ has full atonement made,

Now my debt is fully paid!

I will sing of grace most free,

Justice satisfied for me!

At the throne of God above,

I will sing redeeming love!


(Tune: Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me)