Don Fortner


(Tune: Soldiers of Christ, Arise 403 SMD)


Chosen by sov'reign grace

To be the sons of God,

We were from all eternity

Accepted through the blood!

Though born children of wrath,

Like all, in death and sin,

Our Father looked on us in Christ

Eternally as clean.


In cov'nant grace of old

The sons of God were blessed,

Blessed with all God requires and gives,

In Christ forever blessed!

That cov'nant God will keep;

Those blessings cannot fail;

Whether we're strong, tempted, or weak,

God's cov'nant shall not fail!


Though satan roars and sins

Accusing peace assail,

My hope is in my Surety

Seated within the vail.

Here rest, my weary soul,

Trusting the Savior's name,

God will not charge His own with sin!

His cov'nant stands the same!