Don Fortner


In myself I have no merit,

Nothing good have I to give,

That a holy, just and perfect

God could ever let me live:

Sin defiles my best performance,

Guilty, vile and ruined I am:

Yet, my heart breaks in repentance:

By God's grace I see the Lamb!


See the Lamb of God, our Savior,

Bearing all our sin and shame-

By eternal love and favor,

Jesus died bearing our blame:

Bruised and wounded and forsaken,

As our Substitute He died-

"It is finished!" Sin's forgiven!

Justice now is satisfied!


Here's my hope and consolation-

Jesus died for sinners' sake:

Trusting Him I have salvation,

And the cup of blessing take:

All is well, I cannot doubt it,

God, who gave His Son for me,

Rules this world and all things in it

For my good eternally.


So I'll trust my God and Savior,

Though my joy is mixed with pain:

He is worthy, worthy ever,

That in me His peace should reign:

Faith in such a great Redeemer

Gives my soul a blessed calm;

Christ is near, He's my Protector,

He will keep me from all harm.


(Tune: Come, Thou Fount)