Don Fortner


(Tune: Come, Thou Fount  #17  87.87.D)


Here's the evidence of God's grace,

Grace descended from above,

By which the saints of God are known -

God's saints all each other love!

Here's the greatest gift that's given

From God's lofty throne above,

Greatest gift in earth or heaven,

(Blessed gift!) The gift of love!


Love is patient and forgiving;

Love is kind; and love is good;

Love is gentle and forbearing,

The reflection of our God!

Love will cover many sins; and

Love will make offences small;

Love is holiness and mercy;

Love fulfills God's holy law!


If we do not love each other,

Then we do not know God's love!

Our religion is a sham, if

We do not each other love!

Holy Spirit, come in mercy,

Fill our hearts with grace and love!

Teach us to honor our Father,

Teach us to each other love!