Don Fortner


(Tune: Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide  #69  77.77.D)


Sinners chosen, called, redeemed,

Souls for whom the Lamb was slain,

Saved by grace, lift up your voice. We have reason to rejoice.

Sing with blood-bought souls above Of redemption, grace, and love.

Glorify and praise aloud Our incarnate, saving God!


Look, my friends, look up and see

Christ who bled for you and me.

Seated yonder on His throne, Interceding for His own.

Viewing Christ, your Savior there, Tell me, what have we to fear?

Satan conquered, heav’n appeased, God is satisfied and pleased!


Though our way is rough and steep,

 Christ the Shepherd keeps His sheep.

Slips and falls with us are sure. Yet, in Christ, we’re kept secure.

Watch and pray. The way is hard. Stay awake. Be on your guard.

Look to Christ. Keep Him in view. He will bring us safely through!