"HE SHALL GLORIFY ME"                      

        Don Fortner

    (Tune: Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? #342 CM)


           Whatever fills the heart with pride

              And makes the flesh to boast,

              Can never be the work of God,

                 Is not the Holy Ghost.


              The Holy Spirit never speaks

               Of that which He has done;

             He bids us look to Christ alone

               And shows what He has done.


              He never taught a man to say,

              "The Lord has made me good."

            He turns our eyes from self away

              To Christ and His shed blood.


          He gives us life (The work of grace!)

              And faith in Christ the Son;

           He teaches us that "Christ is all,"

                 And magnifies the Son.


               O Holy Spirit, condescend,

                Do what man never could,

          Reveal Christ Jesus through the Word,

             Sprinkle our hearts with blood!