Don Fortner


(Tune: Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus  #378  76.76.D)


God brings His chosen children

To their desired haven.

Through storms and tribulation

We will enter heaven.

Predestined for that harbor

And purchased by the blood,

All who trust Christ, their Savior,

Shall reach the throne of God!


Soon, soon we shall be landed

Upon the shores of bliss.

With all our powers expanded,

We'll dwell where Jesus is!

In heaven we'll be seated

With Christ upon His throne,

Our many foes defeated,

Our heads with glory crowned!


With Father, Son, and Spirit,

We shall forever reign,

Eternal life inherit,

And every good obtain!

We soon shall reach the harbor

Of rest and endless day;

We'll cease from sin and labor,

And there forever stay.


Blest Spirit, guide us over

This dark, tempestuous sea,

Keep us by grace and power

`Til Christ our Lord we see.

When in the Jordan's swelling

Help us by grace to sing,

And pass to glory telling

The triumphs of our King!