Don Fortner


I was lost and did not know it,

Rushing madly to my end:

But my God, Who's rich in mercy,

Would not let me die in sin.


Hallelujah! God has saved me,

Saved me by His sov'reign grace!

Jesus died, the Spirit called me,

I am saved by sovereign grace.


Chosen by my Heav'nly Father,

And redeemed by Jesus' blood,

I am justified, forgiven,

And accepted by my God!


God the Spirit came in power,

Gave me life and set me free:

He revealed my blessed Savior,

And created faith in me.


God has saved me and will keep me,

By the power of His grace:

He will guide, guard and protect me,

'Til I see my Savior's face.


(Tune: I Will Sing of My Redeemer) 87.87.

Trochaic with Refrain