Don Fortner


(Tune:  Revive Us Again #485)


The Name of the Lord is our great and high Tow'r

   We run to Him trusting His infinite pow'r.



Hallelujah, Christ is reigning!

Praise Jehovah our God.

Sov'reign Savior, we will praise You:

We trust You our God.


   Our Savior, who died to atone for our sins,

   Is exalted on high, and He sov'reignly reigns.


   Though tempted and tried, we are not in despair.

   Our Savior is ruling, so why should we fear?


   Yes, Satan may roar, but he cannot devour,

   For Jesus has broken the serpent's dread pow'r


   God's sov'reign decree and His cov'nant shall stand;

   And all who trust Jesus are safe in His hand.