Don Fortner


(Tune: Lord God, Our Thanks To Thee We Raise #180 LM)


Had it not been for sov'reign grace,

I never could have come to God

I never would have sued for peace

Through Jesus' sin-atoning blood.


As black as hell my heart was dead

And filled with unbelief and sin;

I chose to live as satan led,

And hell my portion must have been!


But grace, amazing grace, I see

Arrested and awakened me!

Grace taught my trembling heart to pray;

Grace gave me faith and set me free!


A miracle of grace I am,

Sought out by God's almighty hand,

I now believe on Christ, the Lamb,

Complete in Him, by grace, I stand.


Grace will complete what grace began,

Grace will preserve me to the end

Forever I must praise God's Son

For free and sov'reign grace in Him!