Grace Beyond All Measure         


Don Fortner


(Tune: Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us #294  87.87.87)


I was lost, in sin polluted,

       Cursed, condemned, hopeless was I!

       Every curse to me was suited.

       “Hell will be my end”, thought I.



Grace has saved me. Grace will keep me.

Grace will bring me safely home!



Trembling at God’s wrath in terror,

       Needing what no man could give,

       God the Spirit came in power

       And made this poor sinner live!



He revealed the bleeding Savior

       Who for me was put to death,

       Said, “Your sins are gone forever,”

       And gave me the gift of faith!



It was grace beyond all measure

       That made this poor sinner live.

       Grace chose me in God’s good pleasure

       And determined to forgive!



Grace sent Jesus to redeem me.

       Grace God’s Spirit sent to call.

       God by grace alone has saved me.

       Grace will never let me fall!