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God’s Faithfulness Don Fortner

(Tune: #361 — Sweet Hour of Prayer —LMD)


1.     Throughout my days my path’s been marked

By God, my Father’s loving heart.

He’s ordered every step with care.

I’ve met His goodness everywhere.

When I was lost and knew Him not,

Prevenient grace marked every spot;

And angels came for God’s elect,

Though in rebellion, to protect.


2.     Then in the time and at the place

Which God had purposed by His grace,

The Spirit came and made me live.

God caused His chosen to believe.

Through all my days, since first I saw

That Jesus Christ is all in all,

My Savior has in faithfulness

Sustained and kept me by His grace.


3.     When fallen, He restores my soul,

Forgives my sin, and still upholds

            His erring child with love and grace,

And proves His cov’nant faithfulness.

When sick, my Savior makes my bed

And soothes my aching, fainting head.

And when I leave this world of woe,

To God, my faithful God, I’ll go!


4.     No more to sin, no more to sigh;

The tears you see will soon be dry.

When I have dropped this robe of flesh,

I’ll leave behind all signs of death!

Immortal life awaits my soul!

When I’m with Christ, I shall be whole!

Conformed to Him who died for me

With Him, at last, I shall be free!




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