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GodŐs Faithfulness I must Proclaim Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness  — CM)

1.    GodŐs faithfulness I must proclaim,

His truth and mercy sing. —

All glory to the sacred name

Of IsraelŐs God and King!

2.    He spoke in love, ere time began,

His purposes of grace,

Which formed the glorious gospel plan

To save His chosen race.

3.    His promises, Yea and Amen,

Scattered throughout His Word,

IŐve proved, and proved, and proved again,

In Christ His Son, my Lord!

4.    GodŐs faithfulness I must proclaim!

(Jehovah cannot lie!)

His faithfulness my soul sustains

Who for this sinner died!







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