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GodŐs Elect, Predestinated Don Fortner

(Tune: #294 — Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us —87.87.87)

  1. GodŐs elect, predestinated, by His purposes of grace,

Which can never be frustrated, shall be saved by sovŐreign grace!

In His kingdom, all the chosen shall see Jesus face to face!

  1. GodŐs elect, predestinated to a kingdom and a crown,

Shall by grace be new-created. God will send his Spirit down,

To regenerate and form them in the image of His Son!

  1. GodŐs elect, predestinated, bought by JesusŐ precious blood,

Justly have their sins remitted, and made righteous by their God,

Never can be separated from the love of Christ their God!

  1. GodŐs elect, predestinated, chosen in eternal love,

Shall by God Himself be fitted for their mansions built above!

From the PotterŐs hand who made them they shall never be removed!

  1. Yes, we are predestinated, as asserted by our King!

With this precious truth elated, we will sovŐreign mercy sing!

Home to Glory, home to Glory, Christ will all His ransomed bring!







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