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God with Us! Don Fortner

(Tune: #93 — Hark! The Herald Angels Sing —77.77D)


1.    God with us! Good news for man!

Christ has come to save from sin!

Prophets of this wonder spoke:

God to die our nature took!

God with us! Believer sing!

This is ZionÕs gracious King:

Claiming heavÕnÕs eternal throne,

Stooping, flesh and blood to own!

2.    God with us! Mysterious fact,

He shall covÕnant work transact,

Conquer Satan, guilt remove,

And the sinner melt with love.

God with us, all worlds shall see,

From Him earth and skies shall flee,

All who hate Him HeÕll destroy,

All who love Him crown with joy!







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