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God by the Power of His Word — Don Fortner

(Tune: #228 — My Faith Has Found a Resting Place — CMD)


1.    What rich, eternal beauties shine

Upon the Sacred Page!

There Jesus’ glories, all Divine,

My wond’ring heart engage.

Within this Treas’ry (God’s own Word!)

Are heav’nly pearls concealed;

And by the Spirit of the Lord,

Those treasures are revealed.


2.    The preacher can but reach the ear. —

God penetrates the soul,

Deposits cov’nant blessings there,

And new creates the whole.

The Word’s a letter from above,

Sealed with the Savior’s blood;

Each line contains the Father’s love;

The Spirit wrote each word.


3.    Yes, by the power of His Word,

God melts the heart of stone

And sinners washed in Jesus’ blood,

Believe on God the Son!

And by the preaching of His Word

God’s saints are taught His ways,

Receive rich mercies from the Lord,

And walk with Him in peace.




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