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Glory to thÕ Eternal Three Don Fortner

(Tune: #393 — Take My Life and Let It Be — 77.77)

1.    Holy Father, let Your love

Rest upon us from above,

As we bow before Your throne,

Trusting Christ, Your darling Son.


2.    Precious Savior, God the Son,

We rejoice in all YouÕve done!

Reign, O blessed Prince of Peace!

Spread the triumphs of Your grace!


3.    Holy Spirit, we expect

PromisÕd grace for GodÕs elect;

Make the SaviorÕs fulness known;

Sanctify and teach Your own.


4.    Triune God, Your covÕnant love

Faithful to the end shall prove.

All things rest on Your decree. —

Glory to thÕ Eternal Three!







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