Don Fortner


God sits upon His throne by right,

Sov'reign over all things;

We gladly own His right to rule

And of His greatness sing.


Great God, our heav'nly Father,

We praise You for Your grace;

We trust Your Son, our Savior,

By whom we have all grace.


God, in His sovereign majesty,

Appointed Christ to save,

And every blessing of His grace

To us in Christ He gave.


According to His purposed grace

Toward His chosen race,

Our God predestined everything

To save us by His grace.


From everlasting our God rules

In matchless sovereignty,

Always performing all His will

And His all wise decree.


Great God of sovereign grace, we bow

Before Your glorious throne:

We praise You for Your gracious will

To save us by Your Son!


(Tune: Near to the Heart of God)

Common Meter With Refrain 86.86.