Don Fortner


(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say #225 CMD)


Great God of matchless holiness,

Infinite and alone,

Transcending all creation – God!

I bow before Your throne.

My goodness withers, like a leaf,

Before Your holiness:

With fear and trembling, I confess

My utter sinfulness!


My nature and my deeds and, yes,

Even my righteousness,

Is sin before You, holy God,

I shamefully confess.

Yet, in the teeth of all my sin,

I trust the precious blood

Of Christ, the LORD my Righteousness,

The holy Son of God!


Look not upon my sin, my God,

But look upon the blood;

Forgive and cleanse me of my sin

Through Jesus' precious blood.

Impute to me Christ's righteousness,

Impart His holiness;

Accept me by the merits of

Christ's perfect holiness.