Don Fortner


Tempted and tried, by grace I stand,

Upheld by God's almighty hand:

My grateful heart the past surveys,

And I cannot withhold my praise.


Father, Your faithfulness I trace

By daily tokens of Your grace:

Your mercy and Your tender care

Opened and crowned and closed the year.


The wonders of Your grace I own,

And delight in all You have done;

By Your bounty, Lord, I've been fed,

By Your unerring wisdom led.


I commit to Your sovereign reign

My days on earth that yet remain:

Teach me to know and do Your will;

And by Your grace keep my heart still.


Lord, when my time on earth is done,

And my eternal rest begun,

When I see Christ's most lovely face,

Forever I will sing Your praise.


(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind that Blows)

Long Meter 88.88.