Don Fortner


Grant to me, O gracious Lord,

True submission to Your Word:

As Your servant stands to preach

Give him words my heart to reach

As he unfolds the blessed Book.

Give me faith on Christ to look.

Looking on Your blessed Son

Cause my heart o'er sin to mourn;

Looking still on Christ the Lamb,

Stir my soul to praise His name:

By Your grace, through Jesus' blood

I'm redeemed, an heir of God!


Grant that others here may see

Christ expiring on the tree,

Risen, and exalted high,

So that we might never die:

Send Your Spirit now in pow'r

And awake the dead this hour.


When the message is declared,

And we've in Your worship shared,

Let us from this house depart

Joyful and refreshed in heart:

Let us daily seek Your face,

Daily live upon Your grace.


(Tune: Rock of Ages)