Don Fortner


(Tune: Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide #169  77.77.D)


Grace, almighty, sov'reign grace

Gives hope to our fallen race:

Sinners, helpless, lost, we all

Died by one man's dreadful fall.

If salvation must depend

On the works of sinful men,

All must be forever damned!

Who can meet the law's demand?


If Jehovah's grace stands still

Until man, by his freewill

Chooses to let Jesus in,

Everyone must die in sin!

But our Savior's grace we know

Waits not for what man can do:

Grace invades the sinner's heart,

Wakes the dead, new life imparts!


Irresistible and free,

Grace prevails and has its' way!

Sinful nature, vile and base,

Cannot stop the work of grace!

Chosen sinners God will save;

His redeemed ones Christ will have;

God the Spirit has His way;

Grace triumphant wins the day!