Don Fortner


(Tune: The Son Of God Goes Forth To War #412 CMD)


Astonished and by sin distressed,

A wretched worm unclean!

My heart's the source of every vice,

The seat of every sin!

Justice had seized my wretched soul,

I was condemned to die!

My just, eternal ruin I saw:

A sinner, I must die!


But then I heard the gospel sound,

How Christ for sinners died,

How God in Christ a ransom found

And justice satisfied!

The spirit gave me faith, and I

Believe the blessed Word.

I see my Savior crucified,

I'm pardoned by His blood!


Hail! Sovereign grace so rich and free,

That first devised the plan

To save a sinful wretch like me,

And carried out the plan!

Effectual grace! Effectual blood!

Grace that can never fail!

I praise You, my great, saving God,

For grace that cannot fail.