Don Fortner


(Tune: Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee #58 CM)


Many, who once my Lord confessed

And seemed to know His grace,

Have left the faith they once professed

And ceased to run the race.


Tempted by satan's subtle ways

They left the church of God,

The gospel of His sovereign grace

And Christ's atoning blood.


I am no stronger, Lord, than they

Who have forsaken You;

Unless You keep me day by day,

I will forsake You too!


Yet, I cannot dishonor You,

My Savior, God and Friend,

By doubting that You will be true

And keep me to the end.


Nothing I trust that I have done,

Or shall hereafter do;

I'm saved by Your free grace alone;

Savior, I cling to You!


My God, Your word I do believe,

Though I a sinner be,

You will not charge my sin to me!

Grace saves eternally!