Don Fortner


My heart subdued by sovereign grace,

I willingly my Lord embrace:

I would not trust, I would not bow,

But grace has made me willing now.


Dear Lord, Your love and grace prevail,

You've conquered this poor sinner's will!

I trust You Christ, trust You alone,

And gladly bow before Your throne.

Yes, grace has made me willing now,

My Lord, my God, I gladly bow.


Behold, the Lamb of God I see,

Hanging upon the cursed tree:

The Substitute for sinners slain

Convicts me of my guilt and sin.


Now Jesus reigns, the God-Man King,

With power over everything!

He gives eternal life to all

Who, trusting Him, for mercy call.


O sinner, trust God's saving grace,

Christ's blood and righteousness embrace,

Bow to the Savior's sov'reign sway,

Then you, with confidence, may say-


(Tune: Beulah Land)

88.88.88. with Refrain