GOOD HOPE ††††††††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: #355 From Every Stormy Wind That Blows – LM)


Good hope, through grace, I now possess,

Through Jesus blood and righteousness.

†††††† This hope, the gift of sovíreign grace,

Secures my soul in blessed peace.



Good hope, by God the Spirit givín,

That I shall dwell with Christ in heavín,

†††††† This gift of grace, with faith and love,

Now sets my heart on things above.



What faith believes, good hope desires,

And love for Christ my heart inspires,

†††††† His will to do, and magnify His name

Ďtil I am glorified.



Amid temptations, trials, and tears,

Iím tossed with countless doubts and fears.

†††††† Yet, hope, good hope, my anchor strong,

Is Christ Himself upon His throne!



When death appears, in dread array,

And takes my final breath away,

†††††† Good hope will keep my soul in peace, -

The hope of seeing Jesusí face!