Don Fortner


Christ the Lamb was foreordained,

And before all time was slain:

In God's purpose Christ the Lamb

Stood for us, and we in Him.


God's elect are kept secure,

To the end we shall endure;

By His pow'r and by His grace

God preserves His chosen race!


Though we fell with Adam's race,

God's elect are kept by grace,

Kept alive until they're called,

One by one, to Jesus called.


In the fullness of God's time,

Christ bought us by blood Divine,

God the Spirit calls His own

And preserves them everyone.


Though trials come and Satan roar

And temptations press us sore,

Though we often, often sin,

Still God's grace remains within.


Blessed, blessed is the man

To whom God will not charge sin!

Chosen and preserved by grace,

This poor sinner sings God's praise!


(Tune: Trusting Jesus)

77.77. Double