Don Fortner

(Tune: O How I Love Jesus#483CM)

The Lord is true, and faithful, and

Most worthy of our faith.

Heís proved His own veracity -

Be gone my unbelief!



Refrain: Godís truth and faithfulness

††††††††††† Can never be denied.

††††††††††† Godís worthy of our faith

††††††††††† Because He cannot lie.



His purposes, and promises,

And prophecies fulfilled

Assure us that Godís Word is true -

His truth has never failed.



To all His people God is true.

Weíve proved His faithfulness:

His pardon, grace, and providence

Display His truthfulness.



And, yes, the Gospel of His grace,

Like God Himself, is true.

Believe on Jesus Christ His Son,

And God will forgive you!