Don Fortner


(Tune:  Crown Him With Many Crowns #62 SMD)


          God's elect shall endure,

          Our hope we will holdfast,

          In Christ eternally secure,

          We'll reach our home at last.



  All of the chosen race

   Shall meet around God's throne,

      To praise Him for His sovereign grace

      And make His glories known.


          Washed in the Savior's blood,

          Robed in His righteousness,

          Freely we're justified by God!

          Our hearts are kept in peace.


          Christ must be satisfied,

          His death was not in vain:

          Those sinners for whom Jesus died

          Cannot for sin be slain.


          God's purpose cannot fail,

          His grace none can defeat:

          The Spirit, by whom we are sealed,

          Was never conquered yet.