Don Fortner


God our Father rules o'er all things,

And takes care of our affairs:

Our mighty Lord, the King of kings,

Bids us cast on Him our cares.

Wondrous grace, so full of comfort,

Grace to meet our every need!

Jehovah is faith's sweet Resort-

Trusting Him from care we're freed.


Children of the glorious Sov'reign,

Trust His gracious providence,

Bow to God's almighty, just reign,

With implicit confidence.

He will keep you and defend you,

As the apple of His eye:

God will never, never leave you,

He is always by your side.


I will trust, and not be fearful,

Though my path be rough and dark,

For my God is ever faithful:

He secures my weary heart

Every promise must be fulfilled,

Every word from God will stand:

Hush, my troubled heart, now be stilled-

God, my Father's in command!


(Tune: Love Divine)

87.87. Double