Don Fortner


“God is love!” - He loves us freely,

With an everlasting love.

In eternal love He chose us

And ordained our place above.


"God is love" - See how He shows it,

See His Son upon the tree!

God incarnate died for sinners,

To forgive and set us free.


"God is love!” - In love He called us

By His Spirit's grace and pow'r:

By almighty grace He saved us,

At His own appointed hour.


"God is love” - His love, most tender,

Wisely rules this world below

For the good of all His people,

And all good He will bestow.


"God is love!” - He will preserve us,

He will keep us to the end:

He will never, never leave us,

Nor will let us e'er leave Him.


"God is love' - And if we know Him,

We will love each other too,

And in love we'll walk before Him

'Til our God makes all things new.


(Tune: Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus)

Trochaic with Refrain 87.87.