Don Fortner


Depraved in heart, in thought, in deed,

I could not cease from sin:

A fallen wretch of Adam's seed,

My will was bound by sin.


Not by my works, nor by my will,

But by grace alone,

God has saved me, I will praise Him,

Praise my God alone!


My God, in love, eternal love,

Elected me to live

And I to God, for His free grace,

Will all the glory give.


In die due time, God sent His Son

To die for His elect:

Christ's blood has full atonement made-

He fully paid my debt!


In time the Holy Spirit came

And called me by the Word;

By grace that I could not resist,

He drew me to my Lord.


Now I'm secure in Christ's own hands,

I'm kept by sov'reign grace:

Believing Him, I'll persevere,

And ever give Him praise.


(Tune: Only Trust Him)

Common Meter With Refrain 86.86.