Don Fortner


God has mercy on whom He will,

And whom He will, He hardens still:

To whom He will He gives His grace,

And when He will, He hides his face.

Let none despise God's sov'reign throne,

He does what He will with His own:

It is His right to save or kill

According to His sov'reign will.

Yes, God saves some and others leaves

To reap the fruit of their own ways-

In the eternal ages past

God made His choice, and it stands fast.

Aware that I'm a guilty man,

And that I'm in God's sov'reign hand,

Prostrate, I fall before His throne

A wretched, helpless, guilty one.


"Lord, if You will, You can," I say,

"Take all my guilt and sin away:

A guilty sinner at Your throne,

I beg for mercy through Your Son."

Now, trusting Jesus Christ God's Son,

I know that I'm His chosen one!

And God's eternal, sov'reign choice

Makes this poor sinner's heart rejoice!


(Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer)

Long Meter Double 88.88.D