Don Fortner


Dear Lord, I now confess my sin,

My shame and guilt I own: Behold,

I'm a vile wretch unclean,

Who bows before Your throne!

O God, be merciful to me,

And all my sin forgive:

The merits of Your Son I plead:

In Him, oh may I live?


If You should mark my sin,

O Lord, And sentence me to hell,

Against Your justice, not a word

My sinful heart could tell.


But if You will accept the blood

Of Jesus for my shame,

Surely Your grace would be,

O God, Honoring to Your name.


Guilty and helpless, I believe

The gospel promise, Lord:

I trust Your Son, my Lord receive,

And take You at Your word.


Believing on the Lamb of God,

His blood and righteousness

Shall ease me of my awful load,

And give my conscience peace.


(Tune: Walk in the Light)

Common Meter 86.86.