Don Fortner


Glory, glory, I'm forgiven!

All my sins are washed away:

Christ, by His great blood atonement,

All my sin has put away.

Sin imputed to my Savior,

When He died upon the tree

As the Substitute for sinners,

God will not impute to me.

Glory, glory, I'm accepted!

Robed in Christ's own righteousness,

I'm a child, an heir of heaven,

Saved by God's almighty grace.

Christ's obedience to the Father

Is imputed now to me:

In God's sight I'm pure and holy,

He declares me so to be.


Glory, glory, I'll not perish!

In Christ's hands I am secure:

He who saved me, sure, will keep me;

By God's grace I shall endure.

This is not a vain presumption;

I just take Him at His Word:

Christ has sworn, "They shall not perish

Who believe on Me their Lord!"


(Tune: Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus)

Trochaic With Refrain 87.87.