Don Fortner


(Tune: This is My Father's World  #39  SMD)


Gathered in Jesus' name,

We've come into this place,

To hear the Word of God, and sing,

And offer prayer and praise.

Here, God with sinners meets

In mercy, love, and grace.

By His command, the gospel feast

Is always in this place.


Christ Jesus crucified

Is always lifted up.

His name and works are magnified

To give poor sinners hope.

How blest we are to be

With friend and family

Assembled in God's house today

In peace and harmony!


How thankful now I am

That someone once brought me

To hear about the saving Lamb

Whose blood has made me free!

Lord, let me ne'er forsake

The meetings of Your church.

Keep me from the fatal mistake

Of despising her worth.