From Christ There Flows A Mighty Stream      


 Don Fortner


(Tune: Faith Of Our Fathers #183  88.88.88)


Come, lost, despairing sinners, hear,

    Come, thirsty, sin-sick souls, draw near:

    From Christ there flows a mighty Stream

    To quench your thirst and make you clean!

    The wonders here in sinners wrought

    Reach far beyond all human thought!



The Fountain is Immanuel’s blood,

    The sin-atoning, crimson flood!

    Yes, Jesus’ blood, the boundless sea,

    Washes our guilt and filth away!

    Bathe here your soul and be made clean.

    Drink now, and never thirst again.



To this blest Fountain, now I come,

    With all the sins that press me down.

    Guilty, and vile, and thirsty, I

    Unceasing to the Fountain fly.

    Let me not from this Fountain move

    Until I reach its Source above.