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Free GraceDon Fortner

(Tune: 400— Ashamed of Jesus — LM )


1.    Free grace, free grace, free grace adore,

Which saves the fallen, needy, poor,

Which lifts the guilty from the dust,

And sets them free among the just.


2.    God seeks and finds the low and base,

And saves poor worms by His free grace!

He makes us holy kings and priests

Before His throne in righteousness.


3.    Christ is my Brother, Prince of Peace,

My God, the Lord my Righteousness!

I’ll on His blood and grace rely,

Until I sit with Him on high.


4.    This grace my cov’nant God bestows

On all the needy souls He chose;

This grace in God my Savior dwells

Which God the Holy Ghost reveals.




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