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Free Grace, Triumphant, Shall Prevail! — Don Fortner

(Tune: #228 — My Faith Has Found a Resting Place — CMD)


1.     Believers glory in the Lord when God’s Spirit with ours

Bears witness to His holy Word, with all His saving pow’rs.

The Holy Ghost, and He alone, both wounds and makes us whole.

God’s grace both wounds and heals the wound. ‘Tis grace that saves my soul!


2.     God’s free, electing love I see, and from it comfort take,

Because I know He’s chosen me in Christ and for His sake.

God’s grace to me has been applied, (I’m sprinkled with the blood!)

Believing, I am justified, and reconciled to God!


3.     Christ’s perfect righteousness is mine, as my sin once was His.

He paid my debt with blood divine, and gave me all that’s His!

That sinners foul as hell, by Christ, are saved, I know full well;

For I am saved and I am blessed, — a sinner black as hell!


4.     “But will you persevere?” You ask. To me, this thing is clear.

So long as God’s faithfulness last, that long, I’ll persevere.

His purposed grace, He will fulfil. His promises are good.

Free grace, triumphant, shall prevail, and bring me home to God!




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