Free Grace! Free Grace! How Sweet the Sound!Don Fortner

(Tune: #497—When I Can Read My Title Clear—CM)


Free grace! Free grace! How sweet the sound

To this poor sinner’s ears!

Free grace inspires my soul with hope

And drives away my fears.


Free grace redeemed and justified.

Free grace wrought faith in Christ.

Free grace this sinner sanctified,

Free grace, free grace in Christ.


Free grace has conquered death and hell

And broke this captive’s chains!

Free grace has fixed my place above,

Where my Redeemer reigns!


Free grace (Unceasing, boundless fount!

Unquenchable supply!)

Keeps me secure and, then, ere long,

Will raise me up on high.


And when, by His free grace, I meet

My Savior on His throne,

With all His ransomed, blood-washed throng,

Free grace shall be my song!