Free Grace! Free Grace! Free Grace!—Don Fortner

(Tune: Higher Ground #308LMD)


“Free grace! Free grace! Free grace,” I sing, and to the God of grace I bring

All praise for grace that saves my soul. Free grace in Christ I must extol.

Free grace, in God’s electing love, chose me an heir to heav’n above.

Free grace inscribed my worthless name in heaven’s book with Christ the Lamb.


Free grace brought Christ down to the earth, a Sacrifice of matchless worth!

My Substitute, He lived and died; and through His blood I’m justified!

Free grace in God the Holy Ghost sought me when I was dead and lost.

‘Twas grace omnipotent and free that gave eternal life to me.


Free grace preserves and keeps me still. My Father shall not change His will.

No pow’r can break the Spirit’s seal, or make Christ’s blood atonement fail.

Free grace alone can dry my tears and take away my guilty fears.

Free grace keeps Christ before my eyes and gives a joy that never dies.


Free grace shall death itself defeat and bring me to my Savior’s feet.

Then, while all hell is looking on, I’ll shout, “Free grace,” before His throne!

A trophy of free grace alone, to wond’ring worlds it shall be shown

In me what His free grace has done, when God has made me like His Son!