Force Me to be Saved by Grace — Don Fortner
(Tune: #169 — Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide — 77.77D)

O my God, what can I do? You alone can mercy show.
You can save my soul this hour. I have neither will nor pow’r.
Sov’reign over all You are, even of my sinful heart!
Make Your saving power known, — Take away my heart of stone.

Come, subdue my lusts obscene; make this filthy sinner clean!
Make me willing to believe!  Life eternal, Savior, give!
Force me, make me willing now; force my stubborn will to bow!
Grace almighty, Savior, show, make this wretch a creature new!

Nothing is too hard for You; work in me Your will and do.
Let my prayer not be denied, — Grant repentance, break my pride.
Stop the madness of my will; speak, and bid my heart stand still.
Your Salvation let me see, — Jesus crucified for me!

Bow the heavens, Lord come down; take me, Savior, for Your own.
Wretched unbelief o’erthrow; lay the highest mountain low.
Conquer me, oh, conquer me; get Yourself the victory!
Save the vilest of the race, force me to be saved by grace!